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Handbooks and brochures

The table below provides links to product handbooks and brochures for various Kanthal® products. These documents are the intellectual property of Alleima AB or their respective licensors.

ProductLink to product documentation
Resistance heating wire and resistance wire (appliances)Handbook
Resistance heating alloys and systems for industrial furnacesHandbook
Kanthal® alloys for thermocouple, extension and compensating cablesHandbook
SiC Heating Elements: Kanthal® Globar® SDHandbook
SiC Heating Elements: Kanthal® Globar® SG and SRHandbook
Kanthal® Super electric heating elementsHandbook: Main
Handbook: Power and control
Handbook: Installation
Kanthal powder metallurgy high-temperature tubesBrochure

Further information

For more information on Kanthal® products, including technical datasheets, visit the Kanthal® website,, by clicking here

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