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Complete solutions for heating up to 1850°C – from design and manufacturing to installation and commissioning services


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Expertise and experience

If you are looking for solutions for heating and temperature control, we look forward to assist.

Established in 2011, we have evolved from an importer and distributor of heating materials to a complete solutions provider with local manufacturing facilities.

We are a trusted partner for several blue-chip customers in the glass, petrochemicals, steel, automotive, mining and manufacturing sectors.


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Customised designs

Can’t find something off-the-shelf? No problem – we’ll design it for you.
Our team of engineers have experience in various aspects of process heating and are keen to take on unique projects.
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In house laboratory

Our lab performs accurate factory temperature calibrations from -20° to 1550° centigrade.

We also continually research and develop various aspects of temperature and control.

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Thermal simulations

We use state-of-the-art software to study the effects of conduction, convection and radiation – allowing us to improve thermal efficiency at design stage.

In an environment where energy saving is crucial, we are also able to measure losses through existing heating systems, and provide cost v. benefit analyses to improve thermal efficiencies.


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