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In today's modern environment, almost all production that takes place involves the use of heat. We are specialists in the area of industrial heating and we supply a wide range of resistance heating alloys, heating elements and related products to generate, measure and protect against heat. Our focus on quality and reliability translates in to better efficiency of our clients' heating applications.

We are proud distributors of Kanthal® products. Kanthal® is a brand owned by Alleima AB.
Metallic heating elements

We are manufacturers of high grade metallic heating elements in a variety of forms, including spiral elements, meander elements and porcupine elements. As we use leading Kanthal® alloys, these elements outperform other alternatives on the market. We manufacture according to your unique specifications and we also offer expertise on element design for your custom application.
Resistance heating wire and resistance wire

We stock and supply a wide range of Kanthal® resistance heating wire and resistance wire for use in both industrial applications and home appliances. This includes both round wire and ribbon.
Resistance heating strip

Available in a wide range of alloys and sizes, we stock and supply resistance heating strip suitable for furnace elements and other industrial applications. We also offer expertise on which alloys and designs are appropriate for your heating requirements.
Silicon Carbide Elements

We sell Kanthal® Globar® SiC heating elements capable of operation at temperatures up to 1625°C. These elements can be designed to your custom requirements.
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