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Ceramic Withdrawable Elements

These elements, manufactured from high temperature ceramics and metallic resistance heating wire, are typically used in boilers.

Product Description

Ceramic Withdrawable Elements are manufactured from a combination of high temperature ceramics and metallic resistance heating wire. They are designed for installation into tubes in a heat exchanger for heating water, oil or other liquids.

The use of different internal connection configurations, ceramic designs and wire diameters allow for a heating element that is highly configurable in terms of dimensions and power.

These elements can be manufactured for both horizontal and vertical use.

Ceramic Withdrawable Element
Standard Options
Maximum recommended application temperature *600°C
Resistance tolerance± 5%
LengthUp to 6.0m
Supply Voltage30-600V, single phase or three phase options available
   Hot zone length
Max power at 600°C **  0.5m1.0m2.0m3.0m6.0m

* The typical maximum application temperature when the heating element is installed in steel pockets and exposed only to ordinary dry air.
** Maximum power is not possible for every voltage and connection configuration. Having a suitable supply voltage and connection configuration may be necessary to achieve maximum power.