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Furnace Tubes

We supply Kanthal® APM™ and APMT™ tubes suitable for use at temperatures of up to 1 250° C. These tubes offer numerous advantages over Nickel-Chromium (NiCr) tubes, such as longer service life due to excellent resistance to thermal shock, carburization, sagging and distortion. Examples of applications include radiant tubes, protection tubes, sampling tubes, burner nozzles and muffle tubes. Standard dimensions range from OD 26.67mm - 260mm, WT 2.87mm - 11mm, with customer specific sizes available upon request.

Kanthal APM™

Kanthal APM™ is a FeCrAl alloy produced through an advanced powder metallurgy process. Tubes made from this alloy have good form stability even at high temperatures. The tubes are good for protection in oxidizing, sulphurous and carburizing environments. Typical applications include use as radiant tubes, thermocouple protection tubes and furnace muffles.

Kanthal APMT™

Kanthal APMT™ offers higher strength at high temperatures compared to Kanthal® APM™, making the tube more resistant to sagging and better suited for even more demanding applications.

Summary technical information

GradeRecommended maximum tube temperatureMaximum withstanding temperatureCreep rupture strength 10000 h MPa (N/mm²) at 1100°C
Kanthal APM™1 250°C1 425°C0.9
Kanthal APMT™1 250°C1 425°C3.5

Product handbook

You can download the Kanthal powder metallurgy high-temperature tubes handbook from the Kanthal® website by clicking here
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