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We sell wire for use in both industrial and appliance heating applications. Wire is available in various forms, including round wire, strip and ribbon. Our range of wires are suitable for resistance, heating and other applications.

Resistance heating wire

We supply class leading Kanthal® wire from Iron-Chromium-Aluminium, Nickel-Chromium and Copper-Nickel alloys. This wide range of wire includes alloys suitable for use up to 1 425°C.

GradeBulk density (g/cm³)Resistivity at 20°C (Ω mm²/m)Tensile strength at 900°C (N mm^-2)Maximum continuous operating temperature
FeCrAl Alloys
Kanthal® D7.251.35341 300°C
Kanthal® AF7.151.39371 300°C
Kanthal® A17.11.45341 400°C
Kanthal® APM7.11.45401 425°C
NiCr Alloys
Nikrothal® 407.91.041201 100°C
Nikrothal® 608.21.111001 150°C
Nikrothal® 807.11.091001 200°C
CuNi Alloys
Cuprothal® 498.90.49n/a600°C

Forms and sizes

FormDiameter rangeThickness rangeWidth range
Round wire0.010mm - 8.000mmn/an/a
Rod8.000mm - 20.000mmn/an/a
Ribbonn/a0.023mm - 0.800mm0.038mm - 4.000mm

Other sizes are available on request. Please note that exact specifications and limits may vary depending on the alloy.

Product handbook

You can download the Resistance heating alloys for home appliances handbook from the Kanthal® website by clicking here
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